I’m the Community Engagement Manager at Boomerang Cardiff. I’m mum to 2 amazing boys. I first started supporting the Charity in 2016, donating when I could. I began volunteering a couple of days per week in 2017 and started helping Paul and the charity more and he offered me a job with the Charity in December 2018. I started 1st February 2019.

I think the charity is amazing, the values and how it supports the community is great. I love being part of the Boomerang Family. Making a difference in people’s lives, raising awareness in the community, bringing the community together at our events and getting families/people out of social isolation through our events too.

I love using key events in the year to support low income family’s and giving children a chance to get out and enjoy there time and interact with other children too.

It’s amazing to be able to wake up and go to work doing what I love, helping people xx