At 27 years old, I found myself homeless for the second time in my life after a relationship breakdown with nowhere to turn, and no one to turn to. After a diagnosis of Type 1 Bi-Polar disorder my outlook on life was bleak, and I couldn’t imagine a time where things would ever be OK again. I was severely depressed, negative and pessimistic and I saw no way out of it. I fantasized about how and when it would all be over.

The reasons I started, were in hindsight, quite selfish. I wanted to do something. Anything, to try and improve myself, my chances, my mind set and my outlook on life. I had known Paul for quite some time, so I started to volunteer with him. His infectious positivity really did rub off on me. Positivity breeds positivity. I really started to buy into Paul’s ethos that if you think positively, talk positively, and do positive things, then positive things will start to happen.

He was right. It started with just 4 volunteers trying to make a difference. We would each volunteer anything up to 70 hours a week, out in the van, collecting and delivering furniture to people who need it the most, taking away the stresses that a lot of people take for

Fast forward 4 years and I couldn’t have imagined I would be where we are now. We are an established charitable organisation at the heart of our community.

If you cut me, I will bleed blue and yellow. Onwards and upwards. Here’s to next 4 years!