CDF 10km

Gemma Bevan

To help my local community raise funds for the homeless

Roseys 10k Cardiff Run

Rossana Taylor

There is nothing more rewarding that seeing the positive impact a grass route community is having on real people’s lives. If I can do my part and help just a little to support this group made up of kind hearted people to help others I will be happy.

Zac & Harri 2K Run For BOOMERANG 💙💛

Emmajayne Skinner

Because we love Boomerang, where Mum Works. They help lots of people and we want to help lots more people too!!

Pen-y -fan mountain climb.

Suzanne Wibley

We wish to help all thoes people and families whom have been less fortunate than ourselves and give them a helping hand.

Boomerang x Tuning Room Pen y Fan Charity Climb!

Katie Rees

The Tuning Room want to support and facilitate Boomerang’s Mission, to help and prevent those facing Homelessness, Poverty, Social Isolation/Loneliness, Health and Wellbeing, and Improving Community Engagement and Education.

Lets help change this women's life

paul gwilym

Please spare £1.50 and help us help this lady help herself then to help others lets make these small steps to start helping working people who are struggling alone