Just before Christmas of 2020, Paul Gwilym CEO/Founder of Boomerang Cardiff received a phone call for an urgent meeting from Andrew Howell, CEO of BCB International, a world market leader in the design and manufacturing of survival and rescue equipment. Andrew had previously, very kindly given us the use of one of his industrial units at BCB International, that we could store our surplus furniture at and hold an affordable furniture sale for all, away from our centre.

Andrew has also given us [Boomerang Cardiff] multiple donations of PPE so that we can carry out our work safely and effectively, whilst adhering to government guidelines

Paul thought that he was going to kindly ask us to leave the unit, as he now probably needed the space back, so he could increase his production of much needed Covid-19 PPE. This would have presented Boomerang with a huge problem of just where, and how we would store an entire warehouse full of stock just before Christmas.

"Wow, all this time and I had no idea that Andrew was the High Sherriff of South Glamorgan" - Paul Gwilym

However, Pauls worries were very short lived. Upon meeting Andrew at the warehouse, Andrew expressed that he was quite impressed with what we [Boomerang Cardiff] were doing and how we were helping the community through these challenging times and he wanted to use his position as High Sherriff of South Glamorgan and give us some formal recognition of the work we do and to say thank you from the residents of the County.