Here you will find external links to other charities/trusts where you may be able to obtain extra assistance from


This website provides information on benefit entitlement and the ability to search for other grant giving charities.

Buttle Trust

Buttle UK can provide support to children and young people in crisis across the UK with multiple items via thier Chances for Children grants of up to £2000 or, where only a bed is required through our Beds for Kids campaign.

The Family Fund

The Family Fund gives grants to families raising disabled and seriously ill children aged 17 and under.

Glasspool Trust

Glasspool Trust is a UK wide grants giving charity that provide one off grants to individuals.

Roald Dahl Charity

Marvellous Family Grants are for families facing financial hardship while caring for a child with a serious illness. They provide support to help families cope, from funding specialist equipment and creative therapies to hospital travel expenses.

Family Action

Family action can provide small grants for either education or welfare purposes.

The Prince's Trust

The Prince's Trust gives grants to young people aged 16-30 who have experienced difficulties at school, have been in trouble with the law, are long-term unemployed or have been in care. The charity runs a number of programmes to help these young people. It also provides grants to young people who are on one of these programmes.

The Oli Bennett Trust

Grants for young people aged between 18 and 30 who are setting up entrepreneurial businesses and are UK resident.

The Professionals Aid Council

The Professionals Aid Council provides grants to professionals who have a strong educational background (degree level or equivalent) and are in need. Grants are also available to children of professionals.

The Talisman Trust

Talisman Trust help individuals in the UK who are on a low income and are “going short". Grants are generally given to support education, health, housing, disablement or disability. Applications should be made on behalf of individuals by a local authority, another charity or a non-profit organisation, such as the Citizens’ Advice Bureau. The charity is run by a small number of people and has a small fund.

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