In 2004 my life changed. I was diagnosed with MS on December 1st and my son was born on December 23rd. My wife had to go to work to support the family and I went from working full time to not working and being a stay at home Dad.

After many years as a house husband I started to work for Boomerang part time in January 2019. I was lucky enough to join the team at boomerang as a part time driver/warehouse and initially found it hard getting back out into the world after being a house husband for
roughly 13 years. I am not going to lie it was hard to start with not just physically, but mentally it was hard to get up every day knowing I was going to meet and speak to random people and work with
people that I didn’t know. How things have changed in a year!!

After the initial struggles I found myself wanting to get up in the morning and go to work knowing that I would be out there helping people in need every day! The people I work with have been very supportive and understanding and sometimes tell me to take some time out as they could see I was struggling (thanks Paul). MS used to rule my life and thanks to Boomerang family I now rule MS!!

Now I work full time and love coming to work every day, helping and speaking to people in need and to the lovely people who phone in to help us help others!