Hi, I'm Lydia :) I am a single mum of 1 beautiful daughter and I have been independently fundraising for over 8 years. I was working as a support worker to a child with epilepsy before the Lockdown. Through the Lockdown, and with my independent fundraising platform, I wanted to do something for our beloved NHS through these challenging times, so I got to work doing raffles, offering cash prizes, where the extra money raised would go to a specific ward, at a specific hospital throughout South Wales.

Through these raffles I managed to raise over £7,000! and I was able to help 140 different wards in our hospitals, with the staff of the ward receiving hampers of sweets and treats. I get an absolute buzz from helping people and the emotional reactions and appreciation I felt gave me the fire in my belly to help more and more!

I was contacted by Paul through Lockdown and asked if I would like to be part of the Boomerang family, as he loved my work ethic and ethos and he felt it aligned with Boomerang's ethos perfectly. I jumped at the idea! I already knew of Boomerang and the wonderful work they do to help those struggling with homelessness and material deprivation and it is exactly what I want to do, which is help in anyway I can.

I joined the team as Community Engagement Assistant in November 2020, and although it has been difficult to actually get out into the community and engage with people, I feel blessed to have been welcomed with open arms, I already feel at home here and I very much look forward to what the future holds.