suzzie has worked her whole life a she is 53 years of age still paying of debt every month from a credit card 20 years ago that paid for a wedding that never happened ,the original debt was 3000 she has paid back double that and still has more to go she was homeless two years ago sleeping in and using her car to get to and about for her job and to try her best to get on back on track , no matter what she does all her money goes on past debt of parking fines , ( when she was homeless sleeping in car ) and credit from 20 years ago , she pays her own rent , council tax , utilities and after her paying all debt she is left back in her over draft ( which is charging her daily and putting her deeper in debt and getting no where out of debt , she is not feeding her self not through choice but through pure determination to hold down her job and survive, I'm raising money to try and help her to see that there is light at the end of the tunnel and one day soon she will smile and ive no doubt she will pay it forward to someone else , this is what paying it forward is about helping others to help others in the future.

no one can help everyone but everyone can help someone 

paul gwilym