My name is Farah, which translates as happy or someone who brings happiness in Arabic. I’m of a Somali Chinese heritage I was born in the Netherlands the great land of cheeses, windmills and well if you know you know. I’ve lived in the UK for nearly 17 years but somehow manage to speak 9 languages a few of them being English, Somali, Chinese ( Mandarin) , Dutch, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Korean and Arabic. I’ve Spoken at the Senedd now known as the Welsh Parliament a few times, I’ve been on a few Dutch TV adverts, and have been on the cover of a few magazines not to toot my own horn! I’m someone who specialises in IT specifically Cyber Security and OS stuff  and Health Sciences I’ve Studied at Cardiff University and now currently studying at the Open University hoping to achieve my BSc in Healthcare and Health Sciences and probably will go onto BSc Computer Sciences. I’ve joined the Boomerang team on 01/04/2021 as part of the Kickstarter Programme, as an Office Administrator I admire the work that they do and hope to excel in my career with them.