While conventional fundraising activities are suspended we have been trying to come up with a way to have some fun and also raise a few pennies for our charity, so came up with the idea of:

Our lovely team set us the first challenge, which you can see Paul and Dave attempt here:

So we put it you, the general public on our Facebook page, about what challenges you would like to see us attempt.

We have an overall target of £500, but we will set YOUR challenges to be done at different milestones!

How this will work:

As we have very competitive Senior Management, they will be doing your challenges on a head to head basis with the overall winner having the ultimate office bragging rights!

Challenges will be ranked as follows:

£50 - DOG BOWL SMOOTHIE - Idea is to have a dog bowl with a smoothie and drink it all using ONLY YOUR MOUTH, no hands or straws!

£75 - ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE - The viral challenge of 2014!

£100 - FANCY DRESS RUN - Run around Tremorfa in fancy dress attire

£150 - MAKE UNDER - Paul and Dave will do each others make-up and make each other look pretty

£200 - WAXING A PART OF THE BODY - Legs? Chest?

£300 - CHILLI CHALLENGE - An assortment of chilli's ranging in Scoville Scale

£400 - IM A CELEBRITY STYLE EATING CHALLENGE - Bugs? Creepy crawlies?

£500 - PREGNANCY SIMULATION - We know the ladies want to see this one!

We will do the challenges once the milestone it reached, we will film and upload it to our website for you to view

If anyone donates £50 or more in 1 transaction, they will have the opportunity to set us an ADDITIONAL challenge, which could be ANYTHING providing we have the ways and means to do it! (Lets try and keep it family friendly)

Lets have some fun & raise some pennies

'No one can help everyone but everyone can help someone'